Duterte is a real character

I’d like to see a Texan governor with this attitude. There have been various secessionist movements over the years.

Whoa, this one’s definitely for the Hillary-ACC folder

Biden-ACC is a possible brightside we can cling to amidst day after day of wonderful surprises.

For some reason I keep having the thought that Christmas is going to be terrible and hellish this year

Anyway, continuing to look into the Philippines since the US is so beyond salvation that one might as well talk about any other country

Naturally, I want to know what this is about, and first page I click says this

Isn’t this just self-evident? And yet we don’t have that here. With one exception. One could look at Trump as being a recently added corporation to the MSM that disrupted their monopoly. That’s why I see you Biden people as beneath contempt and worthy of firing squads, because you seek to bring back that old monopoly. And thus you stand against independence and pluralism. “We don’t care!!” Yeah and that’s why I wouldn’t mind killing you, in a sci-fi story of course. GITMO GITMO GITMO

Here’s what it looks like in the Philippines

Ownership Transparency – ours here has a “NO DATA” quality to it, and I’ll let you use your imagination on that. Political control over media funding, check, political control over news agencies, check, both high already and will be higher with “Trump.news” out of the picture.

Back to the Philippines though, I see four main disputes in the world that will continue regardless of the events of January. US/Mexico, Israel/Iran, Russia/Ukraine, and China/South China Sea, and to understand this last one with any thoroughness we’ll need to gain awareness of the “cathedral” of the Philippines

What’s special about this one of the four is that it isn’t strictly a debate about democracy, human rights, equality, liberalism, etc etc like the other ones are.

So, the claim was made above that the US controls the media and academy of the Philippines, bold to say. I’m not finding much evidence of that so far, and if that were true, I wouldn’t expect it to be easy to find.

A 2014 post about this subject that might give us some clues.

It never ceases to baffle me how we all pat ourselves on the back here for our ~freedom of press~ when the reality is the opposite.

Ok here we go, this is the kind of thing I was looking for

Who is behind this agency? There must be one (1) guy, who really really needs to die

He says the CIA funds news there too

Choose a candidate that they can manipulate? Where have I heard that before?

Biden has acknowledged his old age himself and said that he plans to delegate responsibilities and decisions to advisors.

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