Active separatist movements in North America

We’re not alone. These are the active separatist movements in the world.

That’s not even all of them, some Western Australians want to create a “New Westralia” for instance.

We could create a Western Europe-like patchwork there

“Queensland” – this is what leftists don’t seem to get about all this- if we fragmented you’d be able to create a radical feminist patch of your own free from what you particularly find stultifying in our culture. Just don’t expect us to play by your rules when we do deals at our border. You yourselves will probably be some of the traded goods you export to us after a generation or so, it doesn’t hurt to try the experiment though.

Back to the US though, this looks promising

An interview with the president of the Texas Nationalist Movement

Southern Texas or Maine would blend into Mexico or Canada in a sense, so these are the two “least awkward” options.

I always think of it psychologically. (If Florida seceded that would be an eye-sore, think of it that way.) Lots of leftists want the following, and relative to Texas and Maine this looks more like an act of war

The existential repercussions that break would have

Starting with (part of) Texas seems like the smoothest option initially, and then Calexit could follow from that.

Who knows though, that research center mentioned California as the prime separatist state. Probably because Texans are looked down upon in our Order and Californians tend to align with our Order and thus are able to operate with more impunity. Either way, people are increasingly cynical about our monolithic political system and something like this is bound to happen.

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