Now I’m wondering how many years it’s going to be before the mockery begins

“Sorry” he says. Is that like a slightly bowing, hands in prayer thing they do kind of sorry or is that a mocking sorry, we’re at the point where this is ambiguous. So how many years before they start mocking us and we think Wow, they’re right to mock us.

Sino Supremacy, I wonder what that will be like. I don’t want to live in that world.

In 2040, after 20 years of them using CRISPR while we’re Mexicanizing, really 28 years of them using CRISPR without us knowing about it, “Let’s talk business over golf”

The Yao Ming gene, hopefully I’m not giving them any ideas.

In the way that Santayana said that the most tragic form of travel is migration, I wonder what life will be like for those of us who decide to move there and have to adjust to “oriental despotism”. “They don’t have liberty here, at least it’s not the US though.” That day is fast approaching. That day of mockery. 2020 might even be the year it begins. 2021 if things don’t go well.

What do you see in Xi’s eyes here?

“I’d eat you for dinner like a dog.”

That’s the first thought I have, you?

Whereas I can picture him with Biden both laughing, because he seems to be one of those “Good for you” types that wants other nations to prosper even if it’s at our expense. The realpolitik way of looking at it is that any statement opposed to white supremacy is a statement in support of Sino Supremacy. Leftists just can’t see outside of the US, they can’t see the “world picture”.

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