Most days I think about neech and wonder, Why did you lead me to this life?

The advantage the internet has over IRL is that 0% of the people I know IRL understand what he’s getting at, whereas at least 5% understand on the internet.

My experience on the internet the last few years has most fundamentally been a lesson in the inability of most people to be taught.

The 95% of those who do not understand only use what I say to bolster the very beliefs I criticize of theirs in the first place. The other 5% can’t say much of anything besides hints that they understand, since we are living among this 95% of people who are incapable of being taught.

A good sign that you’re one of those 95% is you being angry at all about me talking like this.

Even some from the 5% might bristle when they hear it. That isn’t even the beginning. There are a few aphorisms from old neech up there I could post and it would make 99.99% of people hate me. I hate Nietzsche too, his thoughts are just beyond ours, and some of us try to understand them so 21st century people can understand them.

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