This makes me laugh in sorrow for Iran

Iran International (Persian: ایران اینترنشنال‎) is a British-based Persian television station funded by Saudi investors.

Who needs enemies outside of your religion? They’re just surrounded by people who hate them.

I mean, are they wrong?

One Iranian said he’d rather smash himself on the head with a brick than watch state-owned TV in Iran because it’s so boring.

Scroll through these, from the most popular TV channel, also based out of the UK. Probably not very boring next to what I’d expect from state-owned TV in Iran, I just wonder what ideology they smuggle in. Some posters I’m finding say it’s pro-Israel, pro-US, and it emphasizes the holocaust, with a new documentary every month, no surprise there.

Here’s who owns it

High production quality too, the Iranians must tolerate the ideology just for the entertainment, and then are probably subliminally influenced. This is similar to how we invaded Iraq. Shows rather than bombs.

The channel doesn’t even make money!

Unknown, generous investors who just want to destabilize Iran.

Most Americans can’t understand why I’d make a post like this, because they’re brainwashed by the media here. You have already been made a victim of imperial propaganda. You see posts like this through the eyes they gave to you.

The question I’m wondering (more like answer I’m confirming at this point)

It seems to be toying with their idea of history

The channel is emphatic in televising this progressive chapter of Iran’s history and provides Western-style programming that connects with young audiences.

They say they have an audience of 40 million. The population of Iran is 84 million. Apparently when the government raids their houses and destroys their satellites and TVs they just buy new ones the next day.

America is an awful place, and they want everywhere to be like this. It would be better if China offered them alternative media.

Okay, this is what I’m looking for

Shortly after the horrific attacks on 9/11, it was discovered that there was an American plan to dismantle the regimes of seven countries: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and lastly, Iran. Since then, the world witnessed regime change and subsequent civil wars in Iraq and Libya while Somalia and Sudan remain failed states. However, Iran, along with its close ally, the Lebanese Hezbollah, which is said to be stronger than the Lebanese army and the most powerful non-state armed actor on earth, remain not only fully functional but have in fact expanded their power vis-à-vis the United States, Israel and their Gulf Arab governments.

Next up I’ll have to research the propaganda war in Syria and Lebanon.

This is one of those “psyops of psyops”

Relatedly, world opinion generally credits Iranian Revolutionary Guard General Qassem Suleimani, rather than any American, Israeli or Saudi counterpart, as the one who led the successful campaign against ISIS in Iraq.

We all were taught that ISIS is the enemy over there, whereas based on this we might get the idea that they were hiding the real enemy, Iran, and ISIS was the enemy of Iran.

And this is a “conspiracy of conspiracies”

The neoconservative establishment in the United States that infamously brought us the toppling of Saddam Hussein in 2003 and subsequent brutal aftermath would stand to benefit, as regime change in Iran was their ultimate goal

They’re not done over there. If they can’t influence them with foreign media they’re going to invade them. We are going to invade them.

Whoa, that last linked to article has all kinds of “conspiracy theories” in it

Indeed, American aid was crucial to preventing a decisive Iranian victory in the Iran-Iraq war.

Enough for now. Enjoy your Western media in the meantime, that manipulates you just as much as it does these Iranians.

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