Here’s a good one on Manoto TV. This writer is clearly paid off to shill Manoto. So you can look at this essay as the response of Manoto to the response of the Iranian government to Manoto. Propaganda from both sides by the looks of it. I step back from them both and wonder if either genuinely cares about the Iranian people, or if they’re just trying to push their particular worldview onto them. The pomo perspective which is popular in our time is to say “They both are, in fact that’s what anyone’s ever trying to do” – I’m not that cynical, I think you can tell when someone is out for power or out for good. I’m not going to sit here and tell you I think the Iranians are perfect, because I see lots of problems with their culture and can relate to the impetus of the ones who are trying to change their regime, I just don’t see either one as viable. Both sides have motives that are for the good and for power.

Looking at it from the Saudi perspective, from one who secretly funds liberal media there and kills people who point out that they’re the ones funding them, isn’t it kind of funny that that’s what they’d do to their worst enemy, fund liberal media?

So both these regimes, the Saudi and Iranian, are in different phases of reaction to the lib-dem belief-system. You can deduce from this move by the Saudis that while they don’t want that in their own country they’ll still curse their muslim enemy with it. Yet at the same time the Saudis cooperate with the west. There must be a stake in it for them. If they help destabilize Iran they get a portion of the oil, once it’s zog-controlled.

That seems to be one of the main dynamics in the region. The Iranians are Kantian, they won’t sacrifice their ideals, whereas the Saudis will betray their fellow Muslims for the sake of business. Meanwhile, the Israelis are screwing all of them over. The Saudis must have concluded that they should just make due with the available options, basically conceding that the Torah is the book-in-itself. Whereas Iran is saying, Nah, that’s the Quran, and in fact we’ll fund terrorist organizations even while we’re being sanctioned because we so strongly believe that to be true.

Then, when you zoom out, China is going, “Regime change? Good luck beaming that crap into my TV.” So they’re more similar to Iran in this sense, and that Iranian prof I mentioned speculates about forming an alliance with China, which would cause all sorts of problems for the West. If everything is always about some balance of good and power motivations, China has less of a powertrip problem than the US/Israel, they already treat middle-easterners more humanely, given that their intention isn’t to destabilize them and rather just do business between equals.

Then, you can think about how the US works into all this. The extremist equalism we’ve seen in the last decade is itself a type of attempted regime change, except the difference between us and Iran is that it’s being coordinated from within. Another difference is that their state and government haven’t defected as much as ours have. All we have is Trump (and he’s better now, that’s good, him falling ill was the only good news leftists have gotten in four years, that must be tough, four years of frying in hell in agony, my heart goes out to you) and he doesn’t have the same kind of sway that the Iranian government has over the media and education. What the regime-changers are trying to do in Iran now is appeal to the youth and instigate something like the 1960s we had here, so eventually the radicalized 20-something Iranians of today will take up government posts in the future.

Trying to view all this from above any regime- ours tries to hide both our own and Iran’s

Did you read that article I linked to earlier? That’s a rare view from above all regimes. That’s what we’re going for, and our regime doesn’t want that for the reasons stated.

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