The Chinese do it, why don’t we

The red here is the planned addition

They estimate that 1.1 million people will be able to live there. What if they put a Dubai skyscraper on it too, then even more. They’ve already “created” thousands of acres in the South China Sea

We could use dredging to unify the islands of Hawaii into one

Eventually all green. The Asians have created more than 90 already

And we know the Arabs do this too, only they’re more creative about it. Why don’t we?

The Danes are starting a similar project in 2022

They want it to be a sort of European Silicon Valley they say. We could create a Hawaiian one.

Off the coast of or in between any of these

It could have the ambiguity of Puerto Rico, a US state and yet not a US state. What am I saying though, if the subject doesn’t have to do with social justice no one in the US cares.

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