It’s working

They did an anonymous survey since there can be consequences for saying you’re not a Muslim there.

So much to research in this one paragraph

Coup after coup after coup until,

Theodore Roosevelt’s grandson was in charge of the 1953 one

This was only declassified 7 years ago. I wonder what will be declassified 60 years from now

“Ruffians” paid to demonstrate by coup organizers hmm…

Thankfully feds don’t interfere in anything these days

The main beneficiary of this coup was Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, who was exiled in 1979, partly because he was seen as a US puppet. So why would the “Islamic regime” be able to talk with the CIA like this then?

“We just overthrew your puppet, can you kill him for us now?”

If the CIA was behind their 1979 revolution no one would be surprised at this rate.

What is it about Iran?

While many American officials have been tempted to dismiss the clerical regime as barbaric and irrational, Iran’s rulers have long viewed the U.S. government through their own narrative, as a serial violator of other countries’ sovereign rights with a particularly malign interest in Iran.

Here is a random one from the Clinton administration–I’m finding so many–Operation Merlin

The Russian was a double or triple agent, I’m losing track

Why don’t we just leave these Iranians alone? Only 40% are Muslim now, good job I guess. The son of that US puppet Shah who was exiled is one of the ones funding those progressive TV channels too. What is it about Iran?

Why aren’t they worried about Pakistan having them?

Something else to look into

On February 4, 2004, the Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer (A.Q.) Khan, then famous for his role in developing Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, confessed on live television to having illegally proliferated nuclear weapons technology to Iran, Libya, and North Korea over the course of decades. 

Information overload kind of day. I want to know more about Western interference in 1941. That’s probably one of the main reasons the US is so fixated on Iran to this day- all these different cases of meddling haven’t been forgotten. North Korea has nukes, and we haven’t couped there multiple times and decimated their faith/ideology.

For almost 80 years it’s been ongoing

Some say they justified this using false propaganda too. People talk about reparations, they never mention the Iranians, instead they just get more sanctions.

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