These are just the ones we know about – and the reasons listed are doubtful to say the least

This is since 1899. You really think they haven’t collected knowledge on how to do this to their own citizens?

So many are missing from this map too. Some are probably thinking “What do you mean the USSR is on that?” Dugin blames the US, good enough for me.

Here are a couple more, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were books on each of these countries

My question is what is it all for? They wanted to lead them to the conditions we have here? The conclusion is that the CIA itself needs to be couped!

What percentage of these places actually improved?

Will the US itself improve if the equalism coup engineers carry out all their plans? HAHAHA!

People were surveyed on which country they thought is the greatest threat to world peace

Imagine being a proud American. Pretty soon half the people here are going to vote for the candidate who was instrumental in organizing the Iraq War too.

If the US sees “the enemy” as Iran, Iran is my friend, simple as.

Here we go, someone asking the real questions

Here’s a recent one to research

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