Saddam’s connection to the CIA dates back to at least 1959

I’m just trying to give you a sense of what kind of forces we’re dealing with here. Like most people, “I remember where I was on 9/11”, I was ten at the time looking at one of those old TVs that sit on the floor, and I’m just now linking to the above article as if it’s a revelation (which it is, to me). These same people have probably bequeathed the tricks of the trade to the next generation. They were doing this 60 years ago, and they’ve only refined their methods since then. If both Trump and Biden were threatened by them with incriminating info I wouldn’t be shocked. If one of their kabbalist or hegelian advisors anticipated that Trump winning in 2016 would be good for the overall strategy I wouldn’t be shocked. You read that one Podesta-Soros report on the integrity of the election, right? That experiment took place in June, and that’s only the one that’s out in the public sphere. There are research centers that you’re not going to see the published reports on. And it’s been four months since June. So think of that one published report and multiply the calculativeness by 10 or 20 or so and then you might have an idea of where they’re at. How many countries have they couped now? 100? To remove people like that is a near-impossible task. To do what the professionals do to the professionals themselves. I don’t know if it’s possible, I’m just formalizing it as one of our central objectives. They’re not a “friend of the people”, that’s why I say “our”. The corporacracy is on their side, they have all the intel and all the capital, and they don’t think of us, they think of increasing intel and capital. What does it matter if the population turns into lowbrow racial abominations, they’ll still consume their cheap products. They’ll be even stupider and won’t realize that they’re plundering other countries at their expense too. This is all to their advantage. Even as a teenager I knew “the system is rigged”, dunno didn’t you? The exact details of how it is rigged are not able to be spoken of. Everyone can know it’s rigged and congratulate themselves on being woke, while simultaneously not being able to cross certain lines on the nature of that rigging. If you don’t want to play their game anymore you need to cross those lines. 99% of the CIA DEAD, 99% of billionaires DEAD. What we’re fighting is not just intel and capital, it is the belief-system that guides them both, and that’s what you can’t talk about. “No, it’s capital that guides the belief-system” – Ok tell me what that belief-system is. You can’t. Because you yourself are guided by it. These three things conspire to make your life worse. If all goes according to plan, someone like “you” won’t be here fifty years from now to even understand why and how they would do this, and that’s what they want. If the truth were to be told, not even “you” exist here in the present after a lifetime of propaganda. They want an unthinking consumer-base at the world’s expense, and I know many of my readers are privy to their plan because they get flipped a nickel for submitting. When the people of our countries are braindead in 2100 that will be directly your fault, you’ll be seen in the same group as the covert agencies and corporations. Not like you care, you got your nickel, and you can’t see more than a day in advance, let alone a decade. Creatures living in the moment, working and buying, that’s what they want you to be, and most people are already there.

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