Jiang Shigong’s latest. While it’s not a five minute read, this is the most thorough account I’ve found of a perspective from China. I’d like to find a few books like this. Land links to this thinker, and he’s been living in China for years now, and I never really see him link to other Chinese people, so until someone shows me someone else, this is the best way to get to know this country. And it’s not looking good for us. No matter what you tell Americans they’re not going to stop focusing their mental energies on being zookeepers.

Jiang Shigong seems to be an articulator of “Xi-ism”. Something else to look for, to get a total perspective, is what the antichrist is considered over there. Why do people get taken away by cops disguised as plain clothes citizens? There’s Xi, then there’s political apathy, then there’s the inverse of Xi- this latter would be prudent to get an understanding of for the years on the way.

If our gov, msm, et al were serious they’d be the ones posting links to Chinese intellectuals, everyone should know what’s going on over there. I’d like a nice wikileaks drop on Chinese secret research centers myself. Jiang Shigong is probably just the theorist in the public eye. One and a half billion people and I’ve brought him up.. eight times, and others once, twice at most. 1/1,500,000,000 – something off there. Where are they? I wonder if they’re disincentivized from speculating, theorizing, politically. That does seem to capture what China is about at this phase- working, breeding, not thinking – that’s a dimension of realpolitik unto itself. They think in terms of applied science, technology, not in the realm of questioning Xi. Or at least theorizing in favor of Xi, at least from what I’ve found and haven’t found. Americans are a lot different from them in this sense. I can understand the Chinese too, given that most of the things that are said about our president are meaningless and irrational. China’s like “Why waste the time when most of the citizens are incapable of thinking properly anyway?”

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