This is so devastating for the globalists, and many people like me in the US can relate to this

Jiang Shigong goes into detail about this in a couple places – I have no idea how the regime-change ughleets here would be able to respond, I don’t think they can.

This heading encapsulates it nicely

They want to tell themselves that we’re ignorant, whereas the reality in many cases is that we already believed the things the globalists do and have learned more since then, to the degree that we see them as wrong. The Chinese are similar, they were taught liberal values in the 1980s, and as they matured they started to doubt them.

This happens throughout the world, we try to teach people to be like us and we often end up teaching them what we’re like, only for them to decide with clear knowledge of what we’re like to not be like us

The US is in such a state of political decay that it can’t recognize that that’s what it has been bringing to other countries.

What most interested me about the first quotation I posted was this

“national studies 国学热”

When I google the Chinese characters I find weird websites, I like that. I think this is going to be key to having a genuine “cross-cultural dialogue” through use of the internet and its auto-translate technology, googling Chinese characters. The question is which ones. For instance I want to know what their most fundamental beliefs are, what transcendental ideas order their lives, what I often call state-religion – I can’t imagine what the Chinese characters equivalent of that is. This seems to be where to start though- just a matter of finding the right symbols to search for. I want to find the most ruthless criticism of the US possible, vicious, derisively satirical, what symbols would I use to find that?

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