Precog hours

This is from a book by a Singaporean referenced by Jiang Shigong, Kishore Mahbubani.

I’m not happy about this obviously, that other countries are going to begin defecting against us one by one, it’s just perfectly understandable that it would happen- I’m not trying to be arrogant, most of the time I hear an American’s opinion about politics I see them as embodying precisely what is causing the decay here. They might as well be explicitly pro-China with their destructive beliefs. It’s part of our mythology here, paranoia over Soviet spies sowing destruction–we don’t even need those, the destruction is institutional now. Being a “good American” means actively participating in cultural regression. At the rate we’re going it’s not only going to be those 191 other countries having to decide who to choose between the US and China, it will be Americans themselves. I’m not allergic to being perceived as a traitor- if people here are going to continue to spew the nonsense they do and deplatform those who disagree with them, hate to break it to ya, I’m already starting to have sympathies with China. Who knows what 2030 holds, I might even help the Chinese put a pillow over America’s face to smother it out of its misery. For now I’m on your side, for now for now.

More characters from that Jiang Shigong article – 天下主义

The Chinese Roman Empire – I wonder if they’ll hold a grudge about our history with them. I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

It isn’t just the old days, like Opium War grievances, we put sanctions on this tech of theirs very recently

Saying they use it for human rights abuses (Uighurs) – the reality is that we just want to slow them down. “We remembah evryting, baizuo.”

The belief-system here is objectively advantageous to China for us to have, and even knowing that, the libs will never stop believing in it.

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