That Singaporean is turning out to be exactly what I was looking for those couple days I was talking about looking for thinkers from there. Not American, not Chinese, slightly biased toward the Chinese and Asians generally. (He’s ethnically Indian himself, and gives a pretty persuasive spiel on why we should strengthen ties with India.) Where I’m at now in this 500+ pager, he’s trying to make the case that the nations closest geographically to China aren’t necessarily automatic, unwavering allies as “China rises”.

We could use this to psyop them for instance

Just in the mindset of being a jerk in order to protect American interests, what if we worked toward alienating the countries that surround China from China? Looking at a survey it appears that the Philippines and Indonesia already don’t have that great of a perception of China. And I can only expect that Mongolia has its own history of bitterness that could be researched into. This is the kind of thinking we might have here if we weren’t so fixated on the middle east. By the way is the following from that Singaporean considered antisemetic! to say?

“How’s it going, pals?”

What a waste of time caring about “the middle east” (it isn’t the middle east we care about). Instead of spending trillions there we could’ve been making money elsewhere, total scam, and we’re still manipulated into caring about the place to this day.

The Singaporean (my title for him til I find another of his calibre) also makes the keen point that as China rises we’re probably going to start to warm up to allying with Russia. The most up-to-date book on geopolitics I’ve yet to find.

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