Maybe we can learn from the Chinese how to root them out

At least 30 killed or imprisoned. Amusing.

He’s watching you, he watches you sleep…

If we imported their agents from the Ministry of State Security they’d probably be as loyal to actual national security as our CIA. Aww 30 of you taken out, sad face.

Theoretically–their version of the CIA might be in the best place to obtain info about ours. Intel agencies of EU countries might have the know-how to do it, whereas China’s have both that and the motivation to.

If you were the Chinese version of the CIA wouldn’t that be one of your top priorities, to spy on the spies here?

We don’t even know much about theirs. Or at least we the people don’t. It could be that both sides have info on the other that they keep classified.

The Chinese covert agencies probably have info that could help us drain the crypto swamp – the question is, why would they want to help us?

A couple books on related subjects.

We can expect this for the years on the way

Looks like they’re ahead of us on the following

In 2017 the counterintelligence services launched a vast campaign to raise awareness of the problem of foreign espionage, with dedicated websites, animations explaining how to spot a spy, and TV soap operas glorifying the heroes of this “special work” (tewu gongzuo).

Dat’s rayciss to paint out yellow people to be the enemy, can’t have a TV show like dat. Dat’s rayciss to say you don’t like the living conditions in your Uighur camp in the future.

Xi the absolute madman at it again – we need a president with real executive power like this

Doesn’t it bother leftists that a Yellow Hitler is going to rule the world eventually?

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