Scrolling through UN diplomats and thinking lame, lame, lame, trying to find someone else like that Singaporean and then I see this at the end of his book and think ah, makes sense

If you look at their current representatives, most were pretty recently installed. The Liechtenstein rep has been in place since 2002, that’s an anomaly. Turkmenistan rep from 1995. I wonder if there has been a purge of sorts during the last 15 years or so of this “prog-wave” we’ve been experiencing. If the goal is to get a standpoint above all regimes, diplomats are a prime type to investigate, probably ones active prior to the PC extremism.

Then I do this search and wonder how far back it goes

A certain type of relativism can have its advantages, because with that one can have a double-consciousness that’s able to understand multiple regimes. That’s what that Singaporean can do. Continuing to search for someone else similar to him, I’m not finding anything. This is the perfect type of person that can, if you can excuse the overused expression, “accelerate” US-China relations and understandings of each other.

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