A clue to what the Satan of China is

They recently instituted 60 laws involving film production restrictions, suppose someone were to put the two together?

I wonder what books they could be based on, ideally?

This is from an article from July

Did you ever look up what books Amazog bans? Heh, we’re not that different from the Chinese! Year 1, martyrs, a history that cannot be questioned.

We could develop a synergy perhaps. We isolate the “most banned book” over there, the most evil book, and make a film or TV show out of it, and that might prompt them to do the same to us.

Reuters called over 100 of these schools that were destroying books and zero gave them any details. There must be one most hated book in China.

Another possible clue – a scathing film on the Cultural Revolution?

This is a strange coincidence

Chinese writers in exile, some of the best kinds of people to exist if one’s goal is subversion of China. This one is known as the Chinese Solzhenitsyn. His books have been banned there for 30 years. This is his most recent one, and it looks perfect

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