Saw a one minute segment of that latest debate and I wish I hadn’t. I’m not going to say the word, I’m not going to say it

A low-class poor person who happens to not be wearing rags, probably because of an affirmative action program some time in their “life story” that I don’t care enough to research into. America is so done if that’s even one of the options. So sick of even talking to you people.


One could reduce the problem to granting a boosted ego to those without the capacity to deserve it. Feminism, anti-racism, same problem. Proggism is about telling people to believe in themselves such that they strongly believe what they believe even if they’re not too bright. So it’s kind of just an accentuation of stupidity. YEAH I BELIEVE THIS – says the retard. That’s what proggism is, reinforcing that. Believe in yourself, even if you’re not the kind of person who should believe in themselves, who should rather delegate responsibility to your superiors. Sorry, it’s KKK of me to talk about obvious realities. Biden and his entourage of monkeys is just the glorification of the ghetto, and if I were the Chinese I’d probably be feeling sorry for this place.

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