Found a book on the Chinese princelings.

Also someone else more familiar with them than most, John Garnaut

Why don’t I ever hear this? Do bureaucrats just die bureaucrats?

Here is an article based off the one above

I’m trying to understand what the Chinese people believe. From my research so far, there seems to be a difference, as you might expect, between what their elites believe and what the ordinary people believe. The conditions there are such that it’ll be a lot easier to discover what their elites believe given that the citizens have to self-censor in order not to be punished. That doesn’t concern me too much, probably some mixture of Confucianism and Buddhism – what’s more interesting is what the elites–the princelings–want their citizens to believe.

It’s clearly a state religion, as you can see here. Notice that these sacred concepts beg the question. Faith in what, devotion to what, sacrifice for what. What is the essence of these transcendental Ideas that they have faith in and want their people (and probably other people eventually) to have faith in? This is the way toward deconstruction. First we have to understand them, next is understanding them better than they understand themselves. The goal that follows from that is destroying them, and translating it into perfect Chinese. If you read the hyperlinks on this post you’ll be on the same page I am. From what I can tell at this juncture, it’s a matter of getting into the head of the princelings, and finding foreign correspondents familiar with them is the way toward that.

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