Looks like it’s only gotten more difficult to understand them recently


The best way to get to know them would be to go there and talk to people “on the ground” and that isn’t going to be as easy now that they are retaliating against our decision to keep track of and limit their citizens that study and report here for the purpose of enhancing their military and the like.

I’d like to find a “Do not believe their imperial liberal lies” document that they issue to students who plan to study abroad – they must preserve “ideological purity” somehow with all these students spending years here and then returning there. They must have them avoid humanities degrees, and to stick with technical science in order to avoid cognitive corruption. Not like I blame them – the thing is, it’s up in the air which belief-system is more harmful, American or Chinese. “Reee clearly it’s the Chinese” – I look at most Americans similar to how you might see the Chinese (unthinking, controlled/owned by the state), so obviously you’re going to think that you absolute robot.

“This is all so xenophobic, can’t we all just be friends and forget about nationalistic chauvinism?” That sounds like something an… American liberal would say, coincidentally. Should we tolerate this kind of thing?

~Sightseeing~ otherwise you’re a bigot.

See, to even understand the Chinese, Americans first have to understand themselves, which they’re mostly incapable of doing. In my previous post I talked about figuring out the transcendental Ideas that serve as the hidden motor of their belief-system, and then deconstructing them. I’ve done that here and nearly every single person who’s seen me to it, that I’m aware of, has reacted with hostility. This means they can’t understand America objectively, which by virtue of that means they can’t understand China objectively. To understand how their princelings think and operate there, one needs to understand how our version of them thinks and operates here, and be able to articulate that without any reservations. Only a minority, as with most things, is able to even understand China, and given the PC atmosphere here, even our governmental administrators involved with foreign policy are not able to do that. Two blind regimes staring at a hazy blur of the other shaking their fists.

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