John Garnaut is turning out to be a shining addition to the thought-crew (Jiang Shigong, Kishore Mahbubani, etc. – none can hold a candle to Dugin though)

I’m not finding pdfs of his books online yet, his articles suffice for now though

Shigong = pro-china, Mahbubani = mediator, Garnaut = mole

Australia shows us what the future will probably look like for us – speaking of “regime-change”

ZOG-WASP conspiracy? Who cares about their suicide-cult? These are likely the elites of the future in question here.

Not to say that some of them aren’t already connected with these princelings

Sap the capital and livelihood of the huhwites then move onto the Chinese, serfs are serfs to our parasite-caste, and theirs probably isn’t much different. I can imagine them being given Taiwan as their personal patch after the collapse of the US.

I wonder if there’s a Bloombergian reason for this

Garnaut has all sorts of articles on <<<them>>>, feast your eyes!

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