This must be their version of “the goyim know, shut it down”

Some say 90% of millennials don’t know about it, while most of the older generations have been taught lies about it. 200 dead for instance they’re told, while there’s reason to believe it’s closer to 10,000. Run over by tanks, repeatedly, until they were pancakes, incinerated, and then their remains were washed into the sewers.

Is this what most of them believe?

It’s a footnote to most people. Deng Xiaoping is dead. Li Peng is 90 years old and retired. Their successors are out of power and their successors successors are out of power.

People who protest on the anniversary of the slaughter are disappeared, I wonder by whom?

And if this all isn’t controversial enough, you can add this dimension into the mix

Anyway, they’re the representatives of Marxism on earth and they’re just another royal bloodline that hoards all the wealth and monopolizes all the means of production, no wonder they don’t want their people (or anyone else) knowing about them.

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