I was wondering why I saw 10 pages on Bo Xilai on Al Jazeera the other day, this might be another way to fracture the CCP.

This is from a 2012 Bloomberg article

Two types’a chink, all I’m sayin

Which one would you guess is a farmer in a suit?

Wrong, Xi seems to have been a bourgeois himself

Chinese MKULTRA? It might not be that Xi is the true puppetmaster

You know that during that latest atrocious debate, this is what it looked like on TVs in China when Pence spoke about China?

Putin himself has affirmed why they might do this only recently

Difference is, Putin is a smooth operator, he’s messing with people here, he’s grown beyond that kind of CCP mindset, he just wants to maintain an alliance with China so he keeps his criticism subtle.

If you wanted “fairness in the world” how about you let me play KGB agent and detain the leaders of the US, China, Russia, and Iran for questioning. People hate to admit it, the MKULTRA experiment was on to something, it would probably be best to use certain drugs to get them to talk. If you want geopolitical awareness, that’s what one would do. Just a fact, I don’t encourage anyone to create the conditions for this to happen. So much chaos that would cause, they fear nukes, that’s one reason they keep the public ignorant.

Anyway, let’s think about China instead of here, Bo Xilai is in prison for life, and I wonder which side stands for true justice

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