genealogy noises

Read about their lives as youngsters here. Gonna get to know them like the back of my hand. I wonder if any of them could use a therapist?

They must be a certain kind of hivemind

The second article in this series examines Xi’s longtime friends—the political confidants Xi met during his formative years, and to whom he has remained close over the past several decades. For Xi, these friends are more trustworthy than political allies whose bonds with Xi were built primarily on shared factional association. Some of these confidants will likely play crucial roles in helping Xi handle the daunting challenges of the future (and may already be helping him now).

Can anyone find this book?

My mood when I’m researching these people

I keep thinking of this, and the true hours required to get in their heads

Mao and his comrades grew up with tales of imperial China. They never stopped reading them. The Dream of Red Mansions, The Three Kingdoms – the Chinese classics are all about the rise and decay of dynasties.

Supposedly Mao read The Dream of Red Mansions 25 times. Remember this post? That one’s about 2500 pages.

“Do you need a tutor, anon?”

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