Worse Yellow Hitlers are possible

How many American politicians can boast of this?

That Singaporean emphasizes that the Chinese aren’t imperial with their beliefs. Yeah, not yet.

I still find myself juxtaposing them with those Brazilians

The Chinese are the oddest “Indigenous people” in the world, superlatively, without exaggeration. To understand them clearly seems next to impossible because our nationalistic biases have a fogging effect. Anthropologically I mean. The study of humans. We’re humans ourselves and they’re the most human indigenous tribe besides ours so to speak. I prefer Confucius to the Bible personally, I just don’t find many of the calibre of Confucius over there. Not to say we have an over-abundance of Moseses and Jesuses here either to be fair. When they begin bombing our homelands (which I genuinely expect) that will be the work of Sun Tzu. And I’m 100% certain that if they occupied us, perhaps in a way similar to how we’ve occupied Afghanistan, the Socratics will be the first to go (not like most of those haven’t been thoroughly felled by our own indigenous christians here over the centuries already). Straussian tactics for survival will be on the increase, whether they occupy us militarily or over-power us economically. This is all because of you leftists and your detachment from reality, outstanding work. I was thinking that one way to weaken us in the future would be for the Chinese to export Mongoloid refuse into our countries and “Happy Hapa” propaganda, then I thought, nah, that isn’t even needed in the case of the left. Anyway, smell ya later, I’ll be reading that Singaporean to learn some tricks of diplomacy to prepare for the future.

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