The Princelings (simplified Chinese: 太子党; traditional Chinese: 太子黨; lit.: ‘Party of Crown Princes’), also translated as the Party’s Crown Princes, are the descendants of prominent and influential senior communist officials in the People’s Republic of China.

Keep in mind that the 太子党 likely control what you see on google.

This should be intrissting

Haaa they transfer the blame onto the Russians!

“It’s the Russians it’s the Russians” – say the princelings of both east and west.

They censor literally thousands of words related to Tiananmen Square, so I imagine they do something similar with these people.

Another result in the search

I really hope some Chinese people have found my site through VPN or whatever, that would make me happy. 当心这是自由主义帝国主义的宣传!




Is English your second language or do you use translation tech? Either way.

If you disagree with Xi, this is probably the best idea, ever so gradually, ever so carefully

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