Sounds like a good president

The grifters probably don’t think so – I wonder why that would be. 🤑 Prostitutes.


Never, never hear about the place, I wonder if that’s on purpose.

Countries that hate both China and “the West” are worth getting to know. Suharto might be someone to research – did “we” interfere with that regime too?

We have no idea what’s in the CIA vault. They could have meddled with double the countries on record for all we know. Trying to put myself in their place, I probably would’ve destroyed lots of documents.

I wonder what this is about

Apparently a museum there had to remove a “Hitler selfie” display

What, I just like history. Why do some say that they had to “correct” history there, what happened? 100s of millions of people believing the “incorrect” thing probably isn’t a good look, huh?

Indonesia is Muslim, they believe the Quran > the Torah, is that against the law or something? “Against international law, technically!”

The grifters frustrated when I talk about this stuff? I wonder why! You liars deserve the gas chamber, there’s no doubt about that at all.

The general idea that Suharto made in the initial quote of this post makes everything US politicians say look like nonsense. There’s a race war going on, and if you pretend it’s not real it just means that certain races have convinced you that you should be exterminated. I mean, you deserve it if that’s the case, coward.

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