“Play nice with the other kids play nice with the other kids”

They’re not going to play nice with us. Mao ruled for 27 years, if Xi does the same he’ll be in place until 2040. Probably good to try to start to understand the guy now since we’ll be dealing with him for a while. He’s in a place that Putin could only dream of. Not to mention any leader in the Middle East. When Xi says he plans to rule the world, you believe him. You can’t say that about any other world leader.

Furthermore, given his absolute power, he’s probably going to facilitate the one who takes over China after 2040. He’s using systematic mind-control to shape the type of leader the people of China will want in 2040 as well, that is if all goes dialectically according to plan and they don’t end up hating him after his decades’ run.

Like I hinted at yesterday, it isn’t exactly Xi himself. It’s similar to here. No one exactly controls anything as much as you could say that the zeitgeist controls it. They’re ideas above Xi himself that are in control of him. The ideas above the west aren’t looking so good right now – the ideas above China may win out in the end, which will be the beginning for China. If this is true then Xi is not your ordinary human being. Hong Kong was occupied by the British until 1997, that wasn’t many years ago. There’s been a global shift taking place, while we were concerned with the Middle East, and Xi is the face of it. So it would be wise to understand the ideas that move him. Seems natural to start early. What was he taught during this time?

Apparently he suffered lots of abuse for this, because the people saw him and his fellow princelings as bourgeois. That’s consistent, you have to give them that. You can actually see a similar dynamic in the US. We are supposed to listen to the peasant class here for instance, though no one wants to call them that. Your daily thought-experiment- if China is indeed going to take over the world in a sense, what would you prefer, if Xi had been given a peasant’s education or a bourgeois one? I myself am glad he was given at least some sort of elitist education? That this is even controversial is a symptom that we’re living in a sort of Maoist regime here now. The clash of Maoisms, wow, how do I pick a side, they both look so great. On the other hand, there are indeed drastic differences between the two sides so it would be misleading to equate them. For instance, I can understand why Putin might both look up to Xi and envy him, because he is a real challenge to the liberal democratic order. Anyone who dreams of a neo-state can understand that. The details of the ideas that make Xi’s neo-state “go” still need to be investigated further. So far to me it seems that it’s also an “ur-state” and thus the Chinese Classics need to be studied, and that’s not going to be something one can do in only a month or even a year. Like I said, we’re going to be dealing with this guy for a while… And who knows what the geopolitical situation will be like in 20 years.

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