“redology” (Red Chamber obsessives are known as “redologists”)

simplified Chinese: 红学; traditional Chinese: 紅學

Does this look like something you could expect from one of those Brazilian tribes?

红学,即研究《红楼梦》的学问,横跨文学、哲学、史学、经济学、心理学、中医药学等多个学科。清代学者运用题咏、评点、索隐等传统方法研究《红楼梦》,被称为旧红学。五四运动前后,王国维胡适俞平伯等人引进西方现代学术范式研究《红楼梦》,红学作为一门严肃学问自此正式步入学术之林,被称为新红学,与甲骨学敦煌学并称20世纪三大显学。20世纪末21世纪初,红学发生分化,主流红学遭遇瓶颈,民间红学奇谈怪论迭出,红学整体的学术品质和社会声誉均呈下滑之势,同时又给人很多想象空间。红学纵向划分为旧红学、新红学、当代红学三个时期,横向划分为评论派、考证派、索隐派、创作派四大学派,各派又细化为若干分支,主要包括题咏、评点、鉴赏、百科、批评、曹学、版本学、本事学、脂学、探佚学等等 [1] 。红学具有高关注度、高吸引度、高参与度的特点,上至政商学,下至工农兵,各行各业、各个阶层都不乏红学爱好者,甚至跨越国界、跨越语种,其在国际上的热度堪与莎学(莎士比亚学)比肩。

They’re going to be understanding the meaning of this better than us while–if we’re lucky–we’ll be building a Shitlibopolis on the Moon

As Hu Shi said, exploring the meaning of an ancient Chinese character is as important as discovering an asteroid.

Can’t even begin to understand where to begin with these people. Probably with their oldest books that have survived. The Maoists couldn’t burn them because that would have been like burning the people themselves. This is a possible way to undermine the CCP as well- thousands of pages of traditionalism. It must be the bane of their order. It’s just a matter of acquiring expertise, while you try not to cough from the smoke of your fellow westerners lighting themselves on fire next to you.

“We’re martyrs!” No you’re conformist, corporate shills. If you ever had read the old books from our side of the world you’d realize that.

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