Say what now?

Both countries have begun to hold war games and military exercises, write books, give speeches about war between the two countries.

I still would like to find some near-future speculative fiction about this subject, I didn’t know non-fiction was already written about it.

People find this funny? I find it rather, if you could forgive the pun, grave. That’s one way to cure the irony-poisoning epidemic that affects the youth. Implicitly believe life is meaningless, that values aren’t real? We’ll fix ya right up with a war there sonny.

H. R. McMaster, leave it to a retired lieutenant general to be an alpha, he probably made these two dirty easterners shit themselves when he said this

He’s talking here about the manmade islands of the South China Sea. When I was there in 2015 that was the most taboo subject that I could detect, and I still don’t quite understand why people were (are?) so afraid to talk about it. Just thinking about this stuff, blank-slate leftists have no place in a geopolitical discussion. It’s no wonder they almost never bring up Mexico or China, let alone the 10 trillion dollar bloodmoney New Jersey of the Middle East, the most they can muster is crying like babies about children in cages at the border, and these people get a vote HAHA!

I’m loving this debate, so much more invigorating then a gentle east-west dialogue on religion.

Oh boy here we go

This is why we can’t expect the military to fall in line with a true coup. No McMaster you bombed people at the service of the enemy of civilization. Of course they wouldn’t allow people with that perspective to even have a debate with them. That’s fine, when there’s a Chinese aircraft-carrier cruising off the coast of Staten Island don’t blame us.

[laughter from the audience]

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