This year has really got me questioning these freedoms of ours

Those Chinese are so backward, they don’t let the filth of the earth burn their buildings down – when are they going to be more like us?! Freedom of speech? Don’t even get me started on that. The most despicable vermin of society get to say whatever they want, and anyone who criticizes them gets deplatformed. When is China going to get more like us????

The dialectical movement in this is so rapid, it makes me remember Plato’s style, and never want to read in the non-dialogical format again

It’s probably not a coincidence that they had this debate in Canada. Can distance from the US easier that way. Imagine the kinds of debates we could have in a lunar base.

This is hilarious, the US is the most egregious hypocrite on the planet

H. R. McMaster, you were in the White House. You served as national security advisor. Why is the United States, some would say, bullying its allies into removing the Huawei 5G technology from their networks when the United States doesn’t even have a 5G technology to sell to these countries? And we know that through your NSA [National Security Agency] you’re spying on all of us anyway.

The debate moderator is a Canadian – this is an example I mentioned the other day of the US needing other countries to help it, when its self-understanding is that it is the one that should be helping all the other countries of the world. Do we have some EU people ready to navigate us through this election? That would probably be a good idea. I doubt the US is humble enough for that, not even to mention letting non-EU countries “interfere” in something that trust us we have total control over, because the US isn’t itself a failing state like it accuses a hundred other countries of being.

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