This is a new development in my understanding, via McMaster

The Belt and Road Initiative is its own form of imperialism, according to him.

I was thinking the Chinese were more innocent, and now reading this guy I’m not sure. I was expecting them to have learned from the west what not to do after having suffered from them (us) personally. The Opium War for instance they haven’t forgotten about. I figured they would have learned from that to not do that sort of thing to other vulnerable countries. Now I’m looking at how the CCP is in cahoots with the process of smuggling fentanyl around the world and to us in particular, and I don’t know if they learned that lesson the right way.

Remember that recent coup I mentioned the other day involving Silvercorp USA in Venezuela? Here is McMaster again

It’s not that Hillary and the globalists are going around couping places for corporations anymore, or that China is engaging other countries in equal business, the reality is probably that now there are two world superpowers meddling in other countries for money at the expense of the native peoples. There are lots of books on the Belt and Road Initiative we should probably get to know. McMaster refers to it as a predatory economic strategy. It’s not like we’re the ones to talk. Now we have two world superpowers (supervillains) who do this, and no one to say anything against them. And China is already beginning to interfere in our own countries as I’ve shown (the US and Australia), not just these third-world places, probably because we ourselves are vulnerable in ways we’re too hubristic to admit.

Another example

So, China didn’t learn from being a 2nd world power at the whim of a superpower to not exploit lesser countries, it appears they may have rather learned from us how to bleed them for everything they’re worth and then move on to the next country.

Zimbabwe is another one McMaster mentions. Here is a sort of both-sides take leaning toward China.

The interaction also seeks to establish cultural ties with the East and promote cultural exchange programs between the two countries.

This can be read as innocent, even beneficent. I wonder what is truly going on.

See, now we have a double-puppet kind of problem

On Tuesday, George Charamba, a spokesman for Zimbabwe’s president, surmised that the recent protests are a part of a sinister conspiracy by U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration to forcibly reshape “the politics of the African continent to make them useful to western imperial interests,” Bulawayo 24 news reports.

Is this spokesman paid off by the Chinese to frame it this way when in reality it is they who are trying to forcibly reshape their regime?

Judd Devermont from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and other experts warned U.S. lawmakers last month that China is using its economic clout in Africa to promote a “new international order” and encourage countries to adopt its communist ideology.

What’s worse, liberal democracy, communism, or whatever hell the Zimbabweans were living in without either of them? It’s so naive to think that there would be someone to lift them out of the chaos without it being about power and money, what a world we live in.

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