Can get an insight into their psychology with this

It reminds me of how a certain people here does whatever it needs to do so that it feels at home. “So diverse and immoral, no one will judge me here!” Not going to use any stereotypes here, just saying that if you want to understand the political order on the way we can learn from how the ones in power now operate. The more Chinese the world is the more at home they’ll feel. This could possibly lead to the patchwork of our wildest dreams, possibly. Or it could replicate the same thing the west has done with democracy except on the other end of the continuum. So, in other words, some reactionaries might see the above quotation and think, Good, I like autocracy, I hope that happens. When there’s a decent chance that any autocracy will be subordinate to the Chinese autocracy. I.e. no real patchwork. People with a future-sense here, if you familiarize yourself with Chinese culture well enough you might be able to influence them directly or indirectly once the shift occurs. You have to understand that the Chinese aren’t exactly the brightest batch, they’ve purged their thinkers, so they might be looking for that among europeople eventually, as advisors, if you know how to bow appropriately. I hate to say these things as much as you probably hate to hear them, I’m just trying to help prepare us for the way history seems to be moving due to logical errors in our own belief-system here. Know China well, be able to talk to them in a way that won’t raise any alarms, that’s a good strategy. Any kind of racism about them that you’ve posted is probably already in their database so it might be too late for you.

Is this the kind of world you want future generations to grow up in? Too bad, you might not have a choice. I know I don’t want this world in the future, since people like me can’t even have freedom in this supposedly “free” order. If you’re someone like this, imagine how the you of the next generation will feel living in this world. Won’t be a good time. Even if they had their own island for instance and was able to route-around censors and all that, the Chinese navy would simply send a boat out to collect them and bring them to a re-education center (which in 2070 will be even more effective than they are now I imagine). Leftists really can’t understand this, they just keep pushing for the same policies that make it easier and easier for the Chinese to take over. Even the current administration is pitifully laughable, I always see our secretary of state going off to the middle east for, when that’s just what the Chinese want us to care about. Too ensnared in our own inter-religious feuds to remember Confucius and Mao over there lurking – is that a religion? It doesn’t really matter, they’re going to redefine religion, the Christians and Muslims and “others” will have to adapt to their ethos. Marx really is the next Luther when you think of it this way. Post-Lutheranism with Chinese characteristics. People who say that kind of thing will be getting hauled off, that’s the main point I’m trying to make. The Chinese characteristic involves less freedom than Marx intended. Enjoy I guess, there’s not much stopping the death of individualism at this rate. There are cycles, the West led to one revolution, the Chinese will lead to another, given enough time. Ideally, that “stereotype” we have of Chinese people, which isn’t too flattering, that will be a dialectical remnant too eventually – I mean this ideally. Because the Chinese could also do what the west did and regress cognitively too. Wouldn’t that be interesting? China goes the way of the West, and the Indians finally understand that what is needed is a non-leftist tyrant, inspired by the Germans, the Indians could create a great show about this, it’s unfortunate they’ll have to listen to one of these two for the unknown future. Can’t you relate? So what do we do about that? Think both the US and China are bad? There must be a way to escape them both.

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