Had a dream I unraveled the secrets of the universe, then I woke up not remembering much and just wanting a cheeseburger. Just what they want! I think governments and individuals across the world have safes hidden in their houses with documents and books that they’ve sworn not to copy or scan to the internet.

I’m thinking now particular of Murdoch though I’m pretty sure it was Saudis in my dream

He must be one of the few who know both the cathedral and China’s version thereof from-above.

20 years, getting to know the people and probably the princelings and their affiliates, he must know some things, be able to describe the innerworkings of their society crystal-clearly.

Damnit that’s kind of what I was thinking – the reason they don’t write books like this or scan documents to the internet is because they’re thinking of the next generation – “Maybe they can get a foothold in China using my connections”. Some of us just want to know how societies work, and capitalists don’t do their best to help us with that.

lol someone had to give it a whirl

“regulatory interference” – white man attempts to hack contemporary China. Maybe we can learn from what he did right, what he did wrong. Dark thought- a westerner could probably get rich creating medias for them, they’d just have to adhere to the CCP. Better shows than any of them could produce, there’s just that one catch.

What not to say

So do they have a satellite problem like Iran then? Not finding much on that. I suspect China controls what’s on google now. The other way around seems to be the case though

TV channels from Beijing, I wonder if they’re slanted at all.

He must have them down to a science

Television channels affiliated with Rupert Murdoch beam more programming into China than any other foreign media group.

Interesting way to put it

Someone wrote a memoir about his gamble with China.

Seeing lots of reports that he’s done with China then I see this from 2015

Imagine what he knows about the place!

Look at this “sly devil”

He even had two Chinese daughters, probably to ingratiate himself to them. Oh is that a cynical thing to say?

a ‘Murdoch File’ was opened by a member of the Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party… every step he made was monitored,

“How to throw em off how to throw em off?”

Maybe that was just part of their plot?

Lots of articles on her being a spy.

Another pathway

A safe full of documents on China and India…

Teh dialectic

Enough about him for now. One last thing- apparently the Chinese would “clone” his programs (probably CCPifying them in the process), so he lost a lot of money that way. The Iranians should do that.

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