Another example of Australia being ahead of the curve in responding to China – that’s where Murdoch is from. So this is no surprise either

Looks like he might have had the same idea I have

Nor is this a surprise

He tried to venture far north from there and found the Chinese weren’t as… “malleable”. Papau New Guinea is Christian so makes sense.

While the CIA bombs and extorts people into changing their minds, others use different strategies

There’s a recent book on this.

I wonder to what degree he adjusts to the Indians and simply gives them what they want vs. imperially liberalizing them?

Brb gonna watch the 1500 episodes of the soap opera at number one to find out.

What’s so different about the Indians and the Chinese that he was able to stick around in India?

Some drop bombs, others fund.. publishing houses?

Check out the bestsellers in India – he can’t be that bad of a guy. Hindu spirituality. Now think of how other europeople have decided to influence those just to the west of India in the middle east. Looks like he sought to influence there too

During the Gulf War, all of the 150 newspapers of Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp supported the American invasion of Iraq.

“I’ve been everywhere, man, I’ve been everywhere, man”

And there was something different about China.

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