“Talk about the US, that’s the only country I care about” – I am, indirectly.

Africa has close to the same population as China, and the latter has been involved in an initiative to provide three TVs each to 10,112 villages, presumably to entice everyone in the villages to buy one. Do you like the idea of African kids watching CCP propaganda during their formative years? They’ll serve as their auxiliaries in WW3. This is just one symptom of something more global, which is the getting into good graces of countries that will side with them against the US, economically and possibly someday militarily. One of the key ways they’re going to do this is through the control of information. Iran is only 40% Muslim now, how many decades of Chinese-selected media before Nigeria or Venezuela is majority CCP-sympathetic? This seems like a natural result of US isolationism- that China will pick up where we left on regime-change in countries across the world, with their own values and ideals of government. It’s good that they’re giving them technology and helping them develop, it just doesn’t seem like it would be difficult to unite billions of the vulnerable and impoverished against us if they wanted to, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to. So yeah, even when I’m not talking about the US I’m still talking about the US. What seems on the surface to be their diplomacy and altruism in these countries is a subtle strategic move against the US.

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