To name a few? I wanna know all of em

Some Chinese academics refer to Ethiopia as the “China of Africa.” Its policies on special economic zones and infrastructure development were adapted from the Chinese model. Since 1994, multiple delegations of the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front visited China to study its governance system. The party has many features of the Communist Party of China, as do other governing parties in Eritrea, Namibia, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Sudan, to name a few.

Are they intending to create a “USSR” type of conglomeration?

We talk about satellite-states (no not the kind of satellites in the sky) – are they trying to create one here?

This is just the beginning of their overseas military bases too

I told you they were using the Uighur situation to encroach west, look they have a quasi-secret military base here too

Such harmless places, right? How about these ones?

Those are all still pretty harmless, relatively speaking.

Once they have military bases on the shores of the Mediterranean then we’ll know we’re not living in the same world anymore.

What must this be like for non-americans?

We’re going to be finding out.

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