There’s something disturbingly symmetrical about a collectivist military

Xi looks like he’s feelin pretty cool here, I wonder what Trump’s thinking

So, what are the numbers? Just because we want to know, not because anything is going to happen

How many of these countries would be at China’s beck and call if there was a war? One might intuit that those on its borders would be allies in such a situation, maybe maybe not. The more I think about North Korea the more I conclude that it must exist as part of China’s strategy somehow. Is it just a hyper-obedient military wing of the CCP? Just waiting to be deployed? What does Xi really think about NK? He must have some thoughts about them like he does the Tibetans and Uighurs. I’ve seen so many pictures of the two presidents together, I wonder if they’re secretly one country in a sense, and NK is a deliberate psyop to distract from their military and to threaten us about what real oriental despotism looks like while China doesn’t take any blame?

The US has 71 submarines. It’s almost like China keeps NK for a potential “surprise attack”.

Just a theory.

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