Speaking of borders and patches, look how lucky China is to have all these

We get Mexico and Canada. China’s thinking “No you should be grateful you only have those two.”

All those countries might be why we see the Chinese as so close-minded. Isn’t that the stereotype? What would you prefer to call it? (Thinking of these posts.) The monolith of the North American continent. We’d probably be more close-minded too if we had the patches that China has. It’s all one thing pretty much over here, and then you can’t say anything about Mexico without being regarded as “less-than-Mexican”. Pretty much, right? That’s the prog mythos, that if you point out how any non-western country is living like subhumans then you’re labeled as a subhuman yourself. Then we have this conspicuous exceptionalism with the Middle East, where that’s fine to see them that way because they are opposed to the Book’s resettlement of that New Jersey there. New New Jersey, that’s what I’ll call it, or would you take that as blasphemous? Satire of religion isn’t allowed here, so why are we any better than China? Or the Middle East? Anyway, that same idea seems to be plausible when I try to “think like Xi”. If you scroll up to that map again, the way New New Jersey wants to create a USSR-like conglomerate in the Middle East, Xi probably has a similar thought about Vietnam, Mongolia, even India. If you want to mess with the US and the EU, uniting into a continent beyond even the USSR is the goal.

Starting near Belarus and Ukraine here, that’s where you draw the line and move west

Here is a Eurasian-centric look at the world

That’s a lot of force there. With blank-slatism you won’t be able to determine the maneuverings of any of these ethnicities. Most of these here wouldn’t mind if the West was gone, that’s one thing they agree about.

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