What is the point of talking to people like you?

The appearance of the Christian Zionists was predicted in long gone 1902 by a Viennese Jew, Solomon Ehrmann. He spoke of the future when “all of mankind will have been jewified… the Jews want to turn the Christians into jewified Christian Zionists, emotional and spiritual slaves of the Jews.

“Evola was supposed to be dead” – that makes me laugh! People talk about being afraid of getting brain-chipped, dude you’re already chipped. I don’t even feel like I talk to individuals, I talk to a collective with an identical opinion that they are unable to deviate from, it’s all so shameful to observe. Regime-change? That’s been ongoing since the 40s, some have the freedom to not be enslaved, I don’t really see that many unfortunately. Just so sad to watch, how hopeless they are. They can never make a negative statement about anyone besides white males. 10000 nice things to say about the people who should all be murdered, and 10000 negative things to say about white males. No one who matters would care if you were put into the ground! “We matter, the slaves of the jews!” No, you don’t! You are a worthless person. You don’t have any subjectivity to call your own, you act as a collective of unfree people.

Anyway, g’mornin, here’s someone whose life has value

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