Chingchongs, nignogs, wetbacks, dunecoons, who should we talk about today? They’re all so connected. And that isn’t even to mention europeoples. “HOW DID I FIND MYSELF READING ALL THESE SLURS, I’M A CIVIL PERSON” – it’s because that’s what the subterranean political world is all about. The yellow enemy, the detritus in our own country, the detritus at our border, the turbaned zealots we have to decimate to make our heeb zealots happy. What, sorry, I know you prefer euphemisms. Who is probably the most contemptible race? The whites, and not for the reasons they tend to tell themselves. It’s because they’re the ones who should know better. The other races can’t be expected to be responsible, that’s why they have to live in our countries oi! In helping them, we’ve gradually taken on their characteristics, that might be where the problem is. We look after the spiritually blighted ones and turn into them ourselves, weakening us so that the yellows far away will turn us yellow too. Meanwhile the yids might be the only ones to survive in the higher echelons of chink society because their M.O. isn’t to help others, they care about number one, their repugnant cunning and inherently duplicitous, two-faced nature actually does have its Providential quality. I’ve frequently heard the stereotype that chinks have cash-registers for souls too, so maybe you were destined for each other.

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