汉奸 / 漢奸

Sitting here reading that Shamir I made this connection. A Chinese Shamir. No one knows Israel like an Israeli. This is how he was able to escape the matrix

Now look what he talks about

He gives me a Christ-like impression. He redeems his people by being like this

I curse them with the boils of Job!

That Masters of Discourse though, check that out.

Now–is there a Chinese version of that somewhere?

Really, a version of this for any country would be supremely useful. Someone who knows a country as much as they hate it.

I just know there’s some CCP chink squinting his squinty eyes at my posts wishing for my death. This you?

Anyway, the real traitors will be disappeared from the internet. Still to this day we don’t know the identity of the man who stood in front of those tanks in Tiananmen Square. He’s probably still getting tortured as we speak.

Know what I just realized? What if China had its own kind of ZOG? Besides the princelings. What if they were equivalent to the WASPs here? Because I was thinking, the two most interesting countries in the world besides the US are China and Israel. That’s simply to far-fetched to consider, right? Just a thought-experiment. Because even more interesting than China would be that other country, or perhaps group. Probably doesn’t exist though. The Chinese intelligentsia must be aware of the Jewish problem we have here, otherwise they’re just geopolitically illiterate, and I doubt they would be…? Speaking of traitors, if they were illiterate in this sense, westerners could advise them about this and enhance their understanding of how we work. Now that would be a sensitive document. I can imagine a fed telling me, “Keep quiet about that you idiot”.

Anyway, here’s one of the Chinese traitors I found

Couping Hong Kong? Nice, that’s probably a good idea for once.

oo another character


“叛国罪的主体应该是知道国家机密的国家机关工作人员或国家工作人员. 客观方面是以自己的特殊身份而进行的危害国家安全和利益的行为. 主观方面必须是故意的. 叛国罪的客体是国家安全和国家利益.

This is an interesting result

Also found this guy I never heard of in this thread – Rui Chenggang

Remember this?

We need a CCP version of this. Probably can research Xi’s anti-corruption campaign, find people who he’s jailed who have been released, and invite them and their families to the US. Just an idea.

Here’s one similar to Bo Xilai who is also serving a lifetime prison sentence – probably the norm for the most dangerous ones. Grrrr page deleted

Mystical advisors

Cao is released from prison in three years

Cao, also known as the “Xinjiang Sage,” is a soothsayer, healer, and qigong master

Xi seems like the type that would toss the Lao Tzus of his country in the clink and throw away the key.

The wandering sages of China, I want to find more of these. Maybe one would pull a Lao Tzu, write his book and leave China. Or perhaps given the conditions caused by Xi, move here and write a book?

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