I’m not finding Yongzheng in the baidu search, they must not want them to know about him.

Remember, Xinjiang is the “Uighur” autonomous zone

Known as the Xinjiang sage, Cao Yongzheng is a fortune-teller, mystic, and qigong master who developed a web of connections within the Chinese government and state industry in the 1990s.

There are two different ways of looking at it, and you can apply them to the US and Russia as well – are the following people guilty or is Xi the corrupt one?

That’s something we could dig up on Xi potentially. Maybe he’s the good one? Maybe Putin is the corrupt one who poisoned the good ones? My sense in the US, as you can probably expect at this point, is that Trump is the good one, and he should be able to carry out an anti-corruption movement like Xi has. See, we get to the heart of the debate about liberal democracy here. People don’t like that idea because it’s not moderate. Alright so let all these corrupt people continue to exploit the country for their own personal interests and do nothing about it. I’m starting to like the autocracy of Putin the more I understand the US political landscape. Is Putin the good guy? I dunno, difficult to say without being a Russian- Trump does seem like the good guy among plutocrats though despite his flaws, which I mostly dismiss as a calculative ketman, and I’ve seen many clues I won’t reference (until ~2024) that can substantiate this claim. He’s the good one in a world of rottenness, he should have absolute power, at least temporarily. Who knows when we’ll get another chance like this, maybe we never will. Biden and his supporters are one with the world of rot. In fact, the ones who control the minds of this liberal demographic are the very people who should be locked up.

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