Just my reading of Trump, I know many will disagree, this is how I see him

To think he is his speeches or his tweets, you’re absolutely naive. You have no idea how that caste of goy operates. Is he a Jew? No. Is he as smart as one? Yes, and they have different intelligences. Both sides have a certain obscurance from the other. They both carry out their objectives without saying exactly what they’re doing. I’m not ageist enough, allow me to be ageist- this is, I hope, a boomer thing that is going to fade away. Younger generations have learned from you that that is not an honest way to talk. Trump is from the business world remember, he’s not a saint in this regard. Trump knows about the JQ and more, so do the wings of the media. They have this shady debate with each other, it’s just saddening to watch as a younger person I think. Why don’t you write an essay about it for the New York Times? I’ve never seen anything close to that, it’s just a very petty debate from both sides. If you want to understand the more perceptive republican side, we are similarly constrained. If Trump were to make a casual tweet, which many would probably find extremely hilarious, that would alienate too many people, because it’s only someone with taste who can appreciate it. Is that wrong to say in an equalist time, yeah. Would it be funny if Trump said whatever he wanted despite what 80 or so percent of the population would find objectionable? Probably, extremely funny. At the same time we have to understand all those people who wouldn’t get it, mostly because they live in a worldview that was given to them by the ones who the joke would be based on. It’s a crypto-discussion that I had to learn from the Jew Leo Strauss himself. Thankfully I studied the Germans too, which most Jews today I’ve noticed don’t have the slightest idea about. “Yes we do, just wait and I’ll say something”. Really? Will you? I’ve never seen that, except for that one you’ve all forgotten about named Mitchell Heisman who wrote his book and shot himself at Harvard. I wonder why an exceptionally gifted Jew would have done that? Did he feel like his fellows wouldn’t understand because they were too dim? That’s how I read Heisman. There is this debate in the shadows between texts unknown by the public, and that is how government works now, and neither are reported by the MSM or Trump. One is trying to sustain the lies and the other is trying to get people to wonder about politics.

I saw this in Hillary Clinton’s memoir earlier incidentally

All over the world there are heads of state who claim to stand for democracy, but then do all they can to suppress it when voters protest or decide to vote them out of office.

We realized she was plastic and decided to vote her out of the system, and the irony is that she tried to challenge democracy herself because of that. Whereas Trump I hate to say it seems like a more democratic person than her.

Put in a way you might understand, the MSM here is like what Putin is in Russia. It’s an autocracy itself involving the academy, banks, corporations, and social media. Trump is the one questioning this autocracy.

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