That’s that qigong master (it might not be easy for you to keep track of these Chinese names). And Xinjiang is the Uighur province.

They have that level of education there? I was caught off guard learning this the same way I was when I started researching into Iran and the middle east. I think of this in the context of this from this post

Some countries didn’t need the west to go there and build schools. This says something about their civilization in terms of the much hated “global caste system”. “What do you mean global caste system?” You know, what people hate talking about. You can’t understand the world without acknowledging it.

See, I was thinking that the Uighurs were not too bright, and only read the Quran, and that’s what was meant by “they’re re-educating them”. That could’ve been more understandable. That’s what they want you to think!

The first university of Iraq was established in 1227.

Its library stocked books on everything from medicine to mathematics and Islamic jurisprudence

Indonesia’s Dutch university was established in 1949. I’m reading that–a country not too far away from them–China’s first approximate equivalent of a university was established in year… 3. This is expected if you know Confucius, who might lead you to believe they were around in some form hundreds of years before even that. And there’s also evidence of a B. C. institution in India too. I’ve asked before, How do you judge a people? How much they value knowledge is one standard, possibly the highest.

So, we’re just pinging between countries because they’re easier to understand when they’re juxtaposed with each other. You’re aware of the controversy in the Amazon, and how Bolsonaro has been taking steps to settle it with a more advanced society. What are those indigenous people like? Well, does being a cannibal automatically reduce someone to less than human? Depends who you ask, I’d probably say it’s a “pretty good sign” (I’m laughing while typing this btw). Then I see this kind of thing, in contrast

It’s not the same. People in loincloths and body paint versus people with a writing system and higher education. It makes one wonder, Where do you draw the line? For instance, forcibly re-educating the Amazonians is nothing to me, they’re pre-scientific and pre-literate. Let’s just go back to the basics here. Science and literacy are universal goods, are they not? Any who’d quibble with that would look like a mere devil’s advocate at best, and a fool at worst. So there’s something different about re-educating savages for lack of a better word, and re-educating a relatively civilized people like the Iranians. I said yesterday that China and Israel are the most interesting countries in the world besides the US. I think by virtue of being thee enemy of the US and Israel, Iran qualifies to be on that list as well. That’s what the “US” has been trying to do with Iran over the decades- re-educate them, similar to the Uighur situation. Just so we’re seeing things clearly here. Because if you were like me, you grew up being taught stereotypes about Muslims. I never would have expected that they would have had intellectuals among them, we were taught on a national level to equate them with crazy terrorists. That’s the caste-system. Iranians and Uighurs are not Amazonians.

Now to get more controversial, imagine that a pre-christian people wanted to re-educate us. I don’t think they’d have the moral fiber to do that, personally. I know I know, that’s controversial to say. I don’t believe that merchants are the most optimal stewards of culture, maybe that’s just me. Now we have a similar situation with the Chinese, because despite the fact that they’re crude, their robust economy is going to mean that they’ll be re-educating us, yes in ways more subtly than the way they’re doing it to the Uighurs now. Even from the standpoint of Confucius, ironically, there’s something wrong with that, because he was all about people being in their right place. “That’s racist to the Chinese to suggest that!” Well, they detain dissenting intellectuals. Would you say that is “crude”? Or would you prefer the term “savage”? The Chinese are not Amazonians. Nor are they, in the other direction, whites. This is what’s happening in the world. Capital being in control of culture. This could be good, this could be bad. From what it looks like to me, neither “Israelis” or Chinese people should be in charge of re-educating whites. If I want to educate myself about finance or investment, I know who to ask. For other subjects, morality, sophistry, I’m not going to be asking these people for education. “That’s racist!” You’re right it is! You’ve been miseducated by sophists to respond that way, congratulations.

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