Dugin is Putin’s brain, may have found Bolsonaro’s brain.

dot br, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that. Bound to be some enlightening dot br websites.

“Who does he read who does he read??” Does this excite you like it excites me?

Seeing lots of good signs about this guy… noooo I’m not finding any translations though.

the “death of high culture” in Brazil beginning in the 1960s, which he blamed mostly on the left

He has books on Aristotle and Husserl, and was one of the first translators of Guenon into Portuguese. He believes there is a globalist conspiracy between Zuckerberg, Soros, and China. I’ve been wanting to find an 👁️ from Brazil. We have Benoist and Faye of France for instance – who do we know of from Latin America?

A debate between Dugin and Carvalho

(I’ll probably mine that later.)

From another article, he fears that Brazil will be sold off to China and wants to ally with the US

The two countries produce over half of the world’s food. They can make an alliance.

Brilliant, and yet so obvious. It seems like a natural move to make. Bolsonaro is known as “the Tropical Trump”.

Some translations of Carvalho here. And you can use auto-translate on these ones here.

So what makes him significant?

We have our Singaporean, and now we have “the” Brazilian.

Puh the Saudis, those sell-outs, Iran should be highlighted in the fourth image there.

Anyway, I’m off to read his debate with Dugin.

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