This is a remark made by the Brazilian on the three main powers of the world (the West, China-Russia, and Islam)

I’m happy to have found a representative of Latin America, because I’ve never seen any of the above three make that kind of statement before. He has an outside look of it. So does that Singaporean, and yet I haven’t seen him say anything like this, as he’s usually attempting to portray Asia in a favorable light. And only rarely have I seen Dugin speak negatively of Russia.

the Russian Federation with its monstrous elites, oligarchs and scoundrels

I sense that they have their own version of political correctness in Russia after having read that .ru site for a while. It’s rare to see something like the above statement and in fact my immediate reaction to seeing Dugin say this was, Isn’t he afraid of saying that? Putin, or the oil execs, I imagine cannot be criticized too loudly without punishment. And it is likely a telling symptom that there’s only a few articles on Only certain Middle Eastern countries are outspoken about that, from what I can tell. We’ll see about that with this Brazilian.

So far he’s awesome

In this moment, I feel above all regimes.

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