Someone who can talk to Dugin in his own language without dismissing him as a ~fascist~ (whatever that means). It’s only someone with this maturity that I can trust to criticize Russia, and he does that, he gives them a whoopin’, I can see why the older generations would hate Russia so much now, in such a kneejerk fashion. See, if you’re not fair then no one will trust what you say. Well the gullible idiots will, not me. “You should listen to yer elders without questioning it sonny boy.” Right, let’s make the national anthem a rap song, that’s what you want, that would be good for the country, huh? “I lived in a time when we had segregated water fountains, I feel awful looking back at that.” I like to keep a separation between myself and Congo-consciousness, sorry about that, I don’t look forward to going back to foraging for food and being the perfect type of unthinking being to be enslaved by other countries.

Anyway, that Brazilian. Someone in a place to criticize all three of the powers, though like how the Singaporean can be expected to be biased toward China, we might expect him to be biased toward the US. If you’re too brutal that will interfere with economic relations, and I’ve shown that he wants to create that type of alliance. So we’ll see, I’m new to him, that’s just what I expect.

The way he isolates the three as an outsider makes me not even care to know the China-Russian perspectives anymore. I hope this guy gets translated more. And I still want to find an Argentinian too. Remember Land’s old definition of philosophy as the quest for maximum abstraction? You can’t get that from the perspective of the US, Russia, or China. There must be some Indians who are able to think like this Brazilian too. The Singaporean has a stake in the game so he can’t be trusted to be immaculately objective. Same with anyone really, it’s just a question of degrees. I’d like a pretty lady to give me a backrub for my posts, and I know that’s never going to happen, so no I don’t have a stake in the game myself.

Whoa, I wasn’t expecting this one, makes sense though

Despite some dated elements–this debate is from 2011–this is some of the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art political philosophy I know of. That’s what you get when you can talk to Dugin in his own language without the irrational urge to shriek FASCIST!! You crazy people. While I’m on the subject though, Dugin’s latest, as usual, is required reading to understand the world. I’ve only read the two’s intros to the debate, this is just getting started! Here is a better link than the other one. How do you respond to that, Dugin?? Brutal. I’m gonna find out in a second.

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