Not that the debate with the Brazilian wasn’t enthralling enough, I just started to wonder about others who have decided to have a nice talk with Putin’s brain. And it’s no mystery that this wasn’t reported on.

France’s neo-Sartre (((Bernard Henri Levy)))

The way the debate is framed, as you can see, is pretty hostile to say the least, explicitly telling Dugin to kill himself (literally, did you click the first link?) This is just a normal civilized debate.

My first thought though if you’d like to know, is that the reason Dugin has “alt-lite” qualities is because he wanted to be able to even talk in a public forum such as this. With certain ideas, you don’t even get a chance to speak. With moderate ones like Dugin’s at least you get to have a debate that is framed around how he should kill himself. This is the “geopolitical situation” as they call it.

What ever happened to moderate-Moldbug anyway? Last I checked he was demanding shekels for his writings, so I decided to stop reading. It’s amazing that more people don’t have an attitude like this. The merchants of the world, and their minions, need to be sent a message – maybe one day they’ll realize we’re the just ones and fund a nuclear bomb to drop on the rest of the merchants, who knows? I know a few cities that would be best to bomb. You can ask my lawyer, I don’t have any bombs myself, I just know that a certain section of NYC is “the Israel of the United States”. Capital and Militarism needs to be used against the main hubs of Capital and Militarism, that’s how you win this game. And with cryptocurrency, no one would ever know it was you.

“Anyway” you might notice that the debate is, next, framed around accusing the other of “nihilism”. This is a word that was popularized by none other than Friedrich Nietzsche. They’re living in his world and they just don’t know it. “What about Jacobi and Turgenev?” A German and a Russian, what about it?

I don’t know what to criticize first with these two, Dugin and Levy. I’ll give you an idea of both their hypocrisies how about?

So many dimensions to this that can’t be talked about in “polite society”. First of all, you’re part of the liberal global order if you denigrate racism. Telling this rabidkike here, sorry Rabbi I misspoke, that racism is Anglo-

What, Saxon? or Jewish? It’s no surprise what is hyphenated. The Russians have their own “intergenerational trauma”

I say this after reading Dugin’s response to the Brazilian, seeing him accuse him of being one with the western belief-nexus. Dugin is too. So are the Chinese, they’re Marxists for God’s sake. (Right right we can’t mention God). From my own perspective, Nietzsche is the one who made a break with all of this, even the Islam faction of the anti-globalist powers. Zarathustra is 1000x more perceptive than Muhammad hate to tell you. Let’s return to this debate though, between “France” and Russia

Do I even have to describe the hypocrisy of this to you? They start the debate telling Dugin that he needs to kill himself. schniff in an ironic twisht, Dugin is actually the one fighting for globalijaishun. Slavoj, are you reading this you neo-soviet? I invite you to take a month to hike around Sils Maria. Socialism is an ideology-fetishism. You consume belief systems because it gives you capital so you can consume products.

Let’s go back to Dugin’s debate with the Brazilian

Westerners are almost 100% aligned with the vayshyas. Nietzscheans–the non-deleuzian kind–are the religious clerics of the West. You Russians, you Jews, you Americans, have nothing to say about that. Especially the Chinese, that goes without saying, they have down’s syndrome faces. You all look like sad people to us.

My final thought on the Dugin/Levy debate is that they don’t want you to have any thoughts that disagree with their order. That’s why they frame it initially as Dugin needs to kill himself and then talk throughout the debate about how we need to build bridges to understand other cultures. They don’t believe in pluralism, that is the guise that imperialism takes in the present-day. If this is the only way they talk to even moderates like Dugin, I get to thinking about where the best places to nuke would be in the western world.

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