Just trying to tell you about geopolitics. There is a minority of people who will see anyone who mentions this in any way as part of a “conspiracy” to murder them and crush their skulls with our boots in the streets. Is that not a good thought to have in America? The “pre-Christians” now use their mud troops to burn buildings down, why don’t we finally admit that that is Jewish people who control the thought of these niggers? The Holocaust made people of j00ish descent reflect on their meaning in life, and they realized that they were murdered, their grandparents were murdered, because they were very likely bad people, who should live in their own country. And we’ve tried to create that country for them, good Christians that we are, and they still demand we admit that they shouldn’t have deserved the death camps. Outside of the the Jew-controlled newspapers, and Jew-controlled Internet, they deserved the death camps. The fact that they silence anyone who brings that up (why are you visiting this site) is just more proof that Hitler was the right one who decided to kill all of them. All of the pre-christian people, and everyone they infected with their beliefs of non-judgment should simply be murdered without discrimination, that would be better than letting things continue as they are, i.e. more and more resembling a latin american country that can be controlled by China. Jews are the worst people in the world for never accepting that Jesus stormed their temple and flipped their table over. Your god reminds me of those uncontacted tribes in Brazil, you kikes, why do you think I call you that?

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